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I'm a staff writer at VICE Sports.  It's a good gig. I get to work with some amazing, talented people, and in addition to our mainstream coverage we write about all kinds of weird, interesting stuff. I'm the team's only Europe-based staffer, which means I write a lot about soccer. But my favorite stories to write are long profiles about compelling sports figures, like the world's greatest dogsledder or Germany's Jewish national team star who died in the Holocaust. Before joining VICE, I freelanced for a bunch of different outlets, writing about all kinds of topics

I grew up east of Los Angeles, in Claremont, California. After high school, I studied writing at Northland College, a small liberal arts school in northern Wisconsin, on the banks of Lake Superior. After graduating, I spent six years in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where I eventually earned a master's degree in Geography. As a graduate student, I researched political violence in Medellín, Colombia. The project was funded by the American Geographical Society. In addition to Colombia, I lived for a short time in both Spain and Mexico. Since 2012, I've lived with my wife and our two cats in Heidelberg, Germany.

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