Welcome to the new blog


It's been a weird few months. I left VICE Sports in April and then almost moved back to the United States. (Oakland, CA. It would have been dope.) Instead, we opted to stay in Germany, meaning my often bewildering life as an expat continues. I've all but stopped posting to Facebook these days, but friends and family have been encouraging me to write about my experiences, and to be honest I miss publishing things all the time, as I did at VICE, so here goes: The blog is back! Let's pretend like it's 2008 again together.

I've blogged before, but I'm going to do it right this time. I'm going to keep it casual and stay consistent while not worrying too much about what "consistent" means. I am going to write some things that are long and other things that are short. I am going to write medium length posts, sometimes. I am going to try and have fun. I will write about the various projects I'm working on. (More on those later.) I will write about the goofy things that happen around the internet and the surreal things that seem to happen all the time in meatspace. I will make spelling errors. I will be me.

And you? You will probably not read this. But if you do, I hope it turns into something as fun and cathartic as I believe it can be.