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Credit - Tom Sekula

Credit - Tom Sekula

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"Cybathlon, where Paraplegics Walk Again" -  A team of engineers and their exoskeleton pilot compete in the first ever Cybathlon, an international competition where competitors wear "advanced assistive devices."

"The Rise and Fall of Gerd Bonk, the World Champion of Doping" - on East Germany's Most Doped Athlete (featured on NPRs Science Friday and part of a package nominated for the 2016 Special Projects Award by the Associated Press Sports Editors.)

"Remembering Bruno, the Problem Bear That Overshadowed the 2006 World Cup" - Probably the most fun I ever had working on a story

"How Iceland's Two Managers Built Its Greatest Team Ever" -  an inside look at Iceland's men's national team on the eve of its historic run at the 2016 European Championships

"Faster in the Head: Can Video Games Make Soccer Players Better?"

"'Just Ask Anybody': Searching for Match-Fixing in Minor League Tennis"

"A Sport on the Edge: How Much Soccer Is Too Much Soccer?" - A look at how injury trends have changed in top-level soccer over the last decade. 

"How to Catch a Match Fixer" -  on how Sportradar helped unmask an international match-fixing operation.

"Inside Double Pass: The Best Kept Secret In Youth Development is Coming to America" - A profile of Doublepass before the company began work on youth development in the United States.

"Inside Germany's Ultra-Competitive Soccer Coaching Academy"

"War, Auschwitz, and the Tragic Tale of Germany's Jewish Soccer Hero" - on Julius Hirsch, a German national team star, World War I vet, and Holocaust victim, and his legacy in Germany  

"Chasing Down the World's Greatest Dogsledder" -  A profile of Egel Ellis, the world's greatest sprint dog sledder, at his final World Championships. (Shortlisted, Best American Sports Writing 2016)


"Your Beverage Coaster Probably Comes From this Small Town in Germany" - Eater - On the world's largest coaster company


"Before Jurgen Klinsmann Found Aron Johannsson In Iceland, Johannsson Found His Game in Florida" - Howler Magazine - a profile of Aron Johannsson (republished online by The New Republic)