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Credit - Tom Sekula

Credit - Tom Sekula

VICE Sports 

"The Nazi Sibling Rivalry That Divided a Town and Created Modern Sportswear" - On the origins of Puma and Adidas

"Settling In: How Pro Soccer Clubs Make New Players Feel Welcome" - a look at how Hoffenheim and other clubs help international players off the field.

"College Basketball's Most Brutal Brawl, and the Forgiveness That Followed" - A short profile of Luke Witte and his life after the 1972 Ohio State Brawl, the worst in college basketball

"FIFA Presses Forward with Replay Technology, and It Could Speed Up the Game" - On replay technology in soccer

"Jesse Ventura On Trump, Weed, Kaepernick, And Governing Minnesota" - an interview with the outspoken former Governor 

"Baseball's Forgotten Brotherhood, The First Athlete Union in American Pro Sports"

"Europe's Mid-Market Clubs Are Missing Out on the American Soccer Gold Rush" - on how clubs are marketing to American fans, and whether smaller teams are missing an opportunity 

"Annie Londonderry, the Self-Promoting Feminist Who Biked Around the World" - She did it in 1894

"What Does It Take To Move The Olympics?

"How a French Feminist Staged Her Own Games and Forced the Olympics to Include Women"

"Annie Thorisdottir could lead the Icelandic Women to an Unprecidented Sweep at the CrossFit Games" - On Annie Thorisdottir and how Iceland's woman became CrossFit's dominant force. 

"The Ruggie Report: FIFA and Human Rights" - on FIFA's human rights record 

"VICE Sports Q&A: Ex-Interpol Agent Chris Eaton on What to do About Match-Fixing"

"How Four French Designers Aim to Create the Ultimate Online Soccer Almanac"

"Can Chicharito Make the Bayer Brand Stand For More Than Just Aspirin?"

"Did Lleyton Hewitt Fix Matches, or Does Betting Data Require More Context?"

"VICE Sports Q&A: The Reporter Who Broke the Biggest Sports Doping Scandal"

"Football Manager, the World's Most Influential Video Game"

"Currency Fluctuation Makes For a Nightmare Transfer Window" - on what clubs do (or don't do) to protect themselves from currency fluctuation 

"Berlin on the Eve of the Champions League Final" - coverage of the 2015 Champions League Final

"Barca, Juve, and Father Time: Digesting the Champions League Final" - coverage of the 2015 Champions League Final

"Meet the New York Dad Leading China's Soccer Revolution"

"Can an American Help Save German Soccer's Troubled Super-Club?"

"Joe Gyau's Unlucky Bundesliga Rollercoaster Ride"

"A Legendary Racing Family Is Trying to Revolutionize Sports, Will It Work?"

"Welcome to Munich, the Mecca of River Surfing" - a look at river surfing in Munich

"Climate Change Is Creeping Into Sports"

"Idiots on the Field: A Debriefing"

"The Cyborg Soccer Player with 800 Volts Inside His Chest" - a player makes a comeback after nearly dying on the field

"Life as Struggle: How Iceland Became the World’s Best Pound-for-Pound Soccer Team"